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Global Financial Integrity


(English) G20 Commits To Addressing Illicit Financial Flows, Links Tax Haven Secrecy To Poverty

(English) WASHINGTON, DC – Global Financial Integrity (GFI) praised the G20 today for its commitment to tackle the issue of illicit financial flows and crack down on tax haven secrecy. In the final declaration and its appendices published at the conclusion of a two-day summit in Cannes, the 20 largest economies committed to “deal effectively with tax havens and non cooperative jurisdictions including the fight against illicit capital flows considering their impact on development.”

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(English) Concrete Steps for Cannes

(English) If the G20 is really serious about its promises, it will listen to the voices of roughly 40,000 people who have signed the global petition asking it ends tax haven secrecy in Cannes. And it will adopt the comprehensive approach outlined by the Task Force on Financial Integrity & Economic Development to bring transparency to the global financial system.

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